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  Welcome to the Map of DND/CF Badge Plates

Gallery 1 Gallery 1-Canadian Forces Crest

Gallery 2
Gallery 2-Canadian Army Badge

Gallery 3 Gallery 3-Air Operations Branch Badge

Gallery 4
Gallery 4-Navy Crest


Gallery 5-4 Wing Badge

Gallery 6
Gallery 6-Royal Regiment of Canadian           Artillery Badge

Gallery 7 Gallery 7-Infantry Corps. Badge

Gallery 8 Gallery 8-Intelligence Branch Badge

Gallery 9 Gallery 9-Maritime Command Badge

Gallery 10 Gallery 10-PPCLI Cap Badge

Gallery 11
Gallery 11-Logistics Branch Badge

Gallery 12
Gallery 12-Military Engineering Branch Badge

Gallery 13
Gallery 13-Royal Canadian Air Force Badge

Gallery 14
Gallery 14-Armoured Corps. Badge

Gallery 15 Gallery 15-Public Affairs Branch Badge

Gallery 14
Gallery 16-150 Years of Service


Bonnie Saunders, of Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders, is not an authorized agent of CF.  The DND/CF Badge Plates are produced solely by Bonnie Saunders and are not produced by DND/CF or Non-Public Property.


**Additional Badges Are Now Available**
Please see the updated approval list on the Home page.

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